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The tours

The tour packages are divided in two because they offer two different service profiles depending on the price. You can choose the SMART package where all basic services are included and offers you more freedom or the TOP package with extra services to ride with more comfort.

We offer the following extras: bicycle rental, a qualified expert to be your cycle guide, luggage transport.

The bicycle

You can rent bicycles of different size depending on your requirements, light and handy, but strong and functional at the same time.

City bykes or for those who never compromise on the sport set up, we can provide MTBs, the racing bikes with special framework for a relaxed posture, handlebar brakes as per usual, comfortable seat, reinforced tyres, kickstand and padlock. Also available for kids or with attachments if you don't want to be separated from your loved ones.
Still, riding is hard work... True, there's no denying that a little phisical activity is required, but if it is just the fun part that you're looking for in our tours, we have power assisted electrical bicycles.

You can ask information regarding the different frame sizes, attachments and carts available. On request we can also provide helmets, repair kits, sport bibs.

Please ask for a quotation to set up "your bike".

The guides

Every suggested route comes with a paper guide. Whether you call it route track, map or road book it doesn't matter, it is included in the package and it allows you to ride on your own.

Should you prefer to be assisted and pampered by one of our cycle guides and your chosen package doesn't include this service, do not worry, you can always ask to have your package customised.
The cycle guides are passionate riders that love the territory they live in and who know it extremely well.

They are experts in choosing the right tracks, away from dangerous roads, finding hidden or forgotten corners. They can fix a bike or provide first aid should it be needed.
They've attended special training and are qualified experts in infusing this love for riding and exploring the territory adding the right ingredients to the bicycle tour to make it more enjoyable and interesting.

Luggage transport

Many travelers are used to carrying everything with them. They carefully pack their suitcases and are completely self-sufficient.
For this reason the SMART package doesn't include the baggage transport service.
Nevertheless, traveling without having to worry about luggage is very convenient and allows you total freedom.
This is also an option that we can customise for you, collecting your luggage in the morning and making sure you conveniently find it safe and sound at your next destination, already in your room.

Mechanical assistance during the tour

A puncture, a chain breakage or any mechanical problem you don't know how to deal with are not just a possibility, they can happen, so you will need ASSISTANCE.
Apart from the help that the cycle guide will provide - if present in your selected holiday package – on every route you will find several Bike Points. These are service spots where tools and assistance can be found.
You can swap a damaged bike with a good one or you can return a bike should your tour have begun from a different Bike Point.

Service customisation

Should these or other options be useful to create your tailor made holiday package, please do not hesitate to ask for further information.

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